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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
I was in a 4.5 singles final two years ago. In front of the opp. home crowd. He won a tight tie break first set. I got down 3-0 second in minutes. The crowd was laughing it up and deriding me. I changed frames. I visualized: the frame change working, and shaking hands with the tournament director as the winner. I changed tactics: started moon balling and ghosting in, but not all the way as his lobs were beating me due to a calf pull. He had no answers, and lost 6-4 in the third. The trophy was a stainless steel water bottle. So it did work for me, but the frame change and tactic change had a lot to do with it as well! Change a losing game, and change a losing frame. When you find the right tension/string/ra/frame for your game, you will start to beat players you have never before beaten or come close to beating.

The truth is, that during that visualization, the score was very bad against me. I saw myself smiling and winning anyway, and that's exactly what happened. I felt my new frame was feeling better and it was: pt57A with global gut/bbo. Very powerful combo at 60/56lbs. He started to miss just enough for me to believe again. He started missing by two inches, and I started making by two inches, a reverse of the first set and a half. When you have no pressure, the match is gone and you know you are going to lose, the tension can come off your game.

He felt the tendrils of that visualization, and he felt my strange confidence and lack of concern and negative emotion. I started to talk with him on change overs, as if he were a friend and I were the one who was winning! The one who is winning is always a lot more relaxed and friendly.
change a losing game is a classic tip, that few of us are really able to use.
you have to be able to think clearly and evaluate the situation and how to change it tactically. not only to find the right tactic but also be confident, that you can successfully implement it.

change a losing frame. most of us don´t carry different frames with us. it makes sense to have an extra frame with a different string setup. have a tighter strung racquet in case you´re hitting long for example can help

always act confident, friendly, as if you were winning. this is one of my favourite moves, that i use on a constant basis. you´re signalling your opponent, that you´re not worried by anything.
i like to compliment my opponent on how good he is playing. that is a bit sneaky of me, i confess, because that gets him to thinking about how long his form will last. ´if you can continue to play on this level, i don´t know how i can win´ the keyword here that he will likely remember is ´if´
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