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Originally Posted by cork_screw View Post
It's $15, just buy one yourself. Leather grip is kinda pride thing too. Those things are instant callous vehicles. After you play a lot leather grips hurt your hand. Since they're so hard, sometimes you get pinched nerves when the sharp bevels stick into your fingers with the leather. I've had that experience quite a few times and stopped using them. They don't really enhance feel, like just strings/tension and the actual racquet. Just go synthetic grip. Most pros are also using them only a few pros still use leather like fed and gasquet. Total pride accessory. pride accessory. I use an overgrip and nobody knows what grip I have how does "pride" come into it ?? Is it "internal pride only" without expected validation from elsewhere ???
I never get "pinched nerves" with leather...perhaps you're using a grip too small and grip the raquet too tight as a result ??
Regardless...your post is full of personal opinions stated as facts...and the fact that only a couple of pros use leather is actually false.
A ton of them use leather. It's not just Gasquet and Fed, in addition to those there are a bunch of others. Del Potro, Djokovic, Youzhny, Wawrinka, Monfils, Almagro, G. Garcia-Lopez are only a few examples that I know of the top of my head. I'm sure if I start searching many more will come up.
So...let's just say it's personal and leave it at that.
With regards to Wilson's choice for the Blade Tour...I guess a synthetic is cheaper...and yeah, most recreational players don't like the hard feel of leather. Very few pros buy frames from the they are not affected. Win win situation for Wilson.

Originally Posted by Bartelby View Post
Selling leather replacement grips is a good earner, so why give it away with the racquet?
Yup...that too.
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