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I have gone from 14 or 15 different racquets (obviously, I had more of one model...usually 2-3) to 6.
I used to have 3 of my main racquet and a number of hit with.
I currently own 5 of my "main" which are identical and 1 collectible which I won't sell for "sentimental" reasons.
I could live with 3 of my main...but there's no reason to not keep the 2 others and just rotate them...they will all have a longer life.
All is good with current setup...I don't regret my decision of getting rid of the "extras".
Vantage 95, 63 flex : 337 g, 32.8 cm, 341 SW, testing various 1.35mm+ gut mains / Gosen Polylon Polyquest 1.24 mm crosses @ 25 / 23.5 kg.
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