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Originally Posted by Phoenix1983 View Post
Define talent. With Borg it was more about fitness, mental strength and consistency than great skill, if I am not mistaken.
Mate, no offence but you seem to be peddling your BS in every thread.

Name me one other player who would win the FO by grinding and then 2 weeks later win SW19 by serving and volleying. If that doesn't need talent, then what does?

The only players who you can't knock for not being able to do the above would be players post 2000 because grass was slowed down.

All other players pre-2000 had the opportunity to do what BORG did but none of them were able to do so and that includes sampras,llendl, agassi, mcenroe, connors, becker, edberg. Thats the who's who of the tennis world unable to do what Borg did 3 times. That shows an immense range of talent.
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