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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
Are you saying that you need to be above 4.5 level to know what a powerful racket is? As far as the strings go I agree that it can make a huge difference, but I still trust my friends opinion on the power level of a racket he demoed.
I never said that, but power is mostly derived from string type and tension. I have found in my area that shops like to string for high power to try and help sell racquets as it seems like most amateurs always like the thought of more power (me included ) So my only statement was about you hearing from a guy that it was a rocket launcher and stay away needed more detail about the string job, that's all.

I believe a lot of the recent posts about the 105s, especially about it being a monster on servers. However, I have been playing frames with area of specification for some time now so comparing it to those frames it did not feel flimsy to compared to a 12 oz players frame i could see where it feels flimsy, and even compared to the 99s. Any frame around that weight will feel flimsy compared to heavier smaller heads, that is the nature of the technology; however, it has its own advantages is my only point.

I just think everyone needs to demo it and see if it is for their liking and I think Wilson will sell as many of these as they have sold for the Juice for sure. They have a winner here, in terms of the frame and the marketing.
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