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Originally Posted by merlinpinpin View Post
Do you really need to repost things that prove my points? You would do better by arguing against them (of course, you'd be hard-pressed to do so, considering you were the one who set yourself up for this pwnage in the first place, but hey, you can still try by saying that it was a mistake, that you wrote that bs about perception of level of competition negating all facts while you had been abducted by aliens, that the NSKzilla army of clones stole your account, etc. It's bound to be entertaining, at least...)
Can you prove that when level of competition is taken into account Connors is greater player than Djokovic?

Originally Posted by jokinla View Post
You said that you were a professional player. Can you prove it?

Djoker lacks the weeks at #1 and slams to be ahead of the players on the Laver list, FACT.
In 2006 many tennis experts said that Federer is greater player than Sampras even though at that time Federer was far behind Sampras in weeks at No. 1 and slams.

Borg, McEnroe, Lendl, all time greats, FACT.
It's matter of opinion what is an "all-time great" so it's not a fact.
There is no way to factually prove that one level of competition is greater than another, which is why I never set out to do this
You said that you can prove that Connors is greater player than Djokovic if level of competition is taken into account.

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