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Originally Posted by atatu View Post
Not to hijack this thread, but Cindy could you tell me if it is ok to join another team if your team from last year has not been in touch since the end of the season and you are now being recruited by last year's first place team ? I'm feeling conflicted about this, but I'm leaning towards jumping ship.
Hey, hijacks are fine!

I think players are free to jump ship so long as they haven't accepted an invitation already. If you want to be on that other team, this is your chance.

Now, if you like your old team and think the captain just hasn't sent out invitations yet, you could inquire. That would be a nice thing to do if you have a long history with the team.

Often, however, silence from a prior team means either there will be no team or you won't be on it. It would be really awkward to ask your old captain only to have him tell you that you have been given the heave ho.

Speaking of hijacks . . . . I have to say, it really bothers me when players accept an invitation, sit on it for months, and then change their minds and go play for another team. The asymmetry is a problem. I am not free to bump them from the team once they have accepted if a better player comes along, but they feel free to blow off their commitment to our team for greener pastures.

It makes a captain want to start requiring non-refundable $100 deposits to hold someone's place on the roster . . .
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