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I played the older version of the blx 6.1 95 16x18 for a year and liked it. I switched to a volkl o10 295 customized to 12.1 oz, 6 hl, and 335 SW. The volkl o10 plays similar to the wilson with maybe a bit more solid feel, lighter and softer. I recommend you try the o10 325 or 010 295 customized if you like the classic wilson crisp feel. I have demo-ed many rackets in last 24 months and the volkl o10 line is cream of the crop for me - solid feel and very comfortable, precise with plenty of power.

I have demo-ed the blx ps 6.1 95 twice and it is a very good racket too but needs 6-10 grams in the head to increase SW and stability and possibly handle weight to offset added head weight. But, it does have a nice muted solid feel - strangely, it plays more solid than many others I have demo-ed and it has a very thin beam and low flex rating. This could be a great racket if you tweak it a bit and can handle the weight after tweaking. But, it is still not as solid as the volkl o10 line.
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