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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Boricua, yes if I only need 80 feet a month than it is not that bad if I cross with with OGSM.

Trista, I never tried the Tour Spin, just the regular PTP. from what I read it is around an 8-10 hour string or so right? The yonex strings are an excellent value.

Id love to see others try polybreak as well. That is one heck of a string, but a little too powerful in the Blade. The Blade is all about control for me.

the time frame varies to each individual based on how they play, to me it last 2 weeks- around 15 hours- broken or not I will use the other racquet. The first 8 hours they're sublime, bear in mind it needs a break in period.

It is low powered, the Poly Tour HS is on the same power range. Yonex strings are dirt cheap for what they are. I have not used the Poly Tour Pro though, I don't need any power, my racquets are pretty powerful.

Next year I will test some new strings, I'm looking forward for the new Tecnifibre, new RPM DUal and I will test some of the Gosen polys as well. I don't like to be messing around with many strings though, It takes sometime to figure out a good tension...
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