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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
These excuses actually make you look quite bad, if I'm honest. When you post a video asking for people to fix your flaws and then you cover with the fact that you aren't trying, then it makes your skill set look even smaller. I would suggest in the future only posting videos where you are giving proper effort OR refraining from making excuses/rationalizing.
I don't mean to jump on the bandwagon but this is one of the things I TRULY detest when I'm playing someone better (or someone who thinks they're better) than me.

I've played against my fair share of 5.0+ and 99% of them take me seriously despite my lower level (especially when I was learning). This was due to me always trying for every point and giving them the respect that their giving me their time to play with me. So I like to return the favor whenever I play someone below my level.

It also gives them the idea of where they need to improve on as players if need be. I have the mentality to always practice as if it was game day and it was a real match. If she's that much "lower" than you in ratings, work on footwork by ONLY using forehands (running around all backhands if possible). Trust me that's a workout in itself.

There's so much you can fix about your game no matter what level. If she can get the ball back you can work on something different every time you play her.

Also Hubris.
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