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I think it has to start with the parents, not USTA or anybody else. But, of course, we can't teach parents to act differently and pull their kid out when kid is cheating, throwing fits, etc. I think this whole "it's all about me" culture has had a negative effect in the US not just in tennis, but in everyday aspects of life. The way I see it it is my duty to stop my child from throwing rocks at cars, cheating in tennis, using foul language etc. As for the coaches they need to pull the kid out as soon as they see a bad call, during practice, practice matches, tournaments, USTA allows adults to make a decision to pull their child out of a match. So, as to your question about what to do with parents behaving badly, I think the only way for something to be done is to hire many referees for all tournaments, which of course would increase the fees, so if you are happy to pay $150 instead of $65 maybe that would allow tournament directors to hire more staff and observe all the parents and competitors. My son played a match recently and on the grass by the court sat the opponents dad and kept talking to his kid, in some foreign language, my son glanced a few times at this parent, but didn't do anything about it, like get the umpire. There was no need, said my son after the match, since he won 6-0, 6-1 but what if it was a close match?
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