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Originally Posted by SStrikerR View Post
I'm confused. I keep reading posts about this Tomic guy, who people say will be a top 10 player, grand slam winner, potentially even number 1. I'm really wonder who this guy is. I've seen Bernard Tomic play, but that can't be him. The Tomic I watch has nice feel, but a crappy serve, no weapons, and unspectacular athletic ability. In short, nothing special. So that can't be the guy people are talking about...right?

Tl;dr version

Tomic sucks. I don't know what crack people are smoking to think he'll be good, but it must be some pretty good stuff.
The tomic that everyone saw was the tomic that made some runs in the 2011 where he reached the qfs (lost to djokovic) and 3rd round at the AO (lost to Nadal). Hes young and promising solid player doesnt do anything really great but solid all around. Time will tell how he fares on the tour but people shouldnt get on his case just yet HES 20 YEARS OLD
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