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Originally Posted by bjk View Post
Go and twitterbomb him and see if he'll come over here.
Originally Posted by nethawkwenatchee View Post
I'm hitting up Vince on his Twitter feed, hopefully we can get him to come on TT and discuss: I'll let you know if/when he responds.

@TDHM05 @vincespadea Heard about comeback, can you visit fans at … … ??? Terrence
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@TDHM05@vincespadea …Can you talk about you're trainning, diet, ETC? Thanks!

I've done that as well. He's more likley to respond to his good friend Dan Markowitz who has agreed to pass along five questions to Vince for me. The five questions have now been submitted to Dan and I'll await a response from Vince then post the answers. Take Care,
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