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"Sore spot in junior competitive tennis in all regions is cheating, poor sportsmanship, rudeness. I've seen it in parents who coach their kids using hand signals, foreign language, whispers behind the fence.. I've seen 11 yr olds being mean and nasty to the opponent from the very moment they're called onto the court. It quickly degenerates to bad calls, in-your-face attitude, contesting every call, etc... The game no longer becomes fun, but more like a street fight against a thug".

Yea, it is sad but it is a form of intimidation to get an edge over the opponent. It literally kills sportsmanship. To some parents that means nothing and actually encourages their child to act this way. It is sad, I know.

What we could do is have at least one USTA official on site of each tournament to supervise. If not, you need to report this kind of activity immediately to local official. If all parents are on the same page and report these behavior, complaints add up quickly. and these Juniors and parents will be penalized and/ or kicked out.
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