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Default The current Aero Pro Drive (2013)

Originally Posted by Jack Romeo View Post
On the TWE website, the swingweights for both the 300 and 280 g versions are mentioned in the specs and they're rather surprising. The 280, especially, is supposedly measured at 337! That's very high for a 296 g strung weight. The balance is even, and I'm guessing the weight distribution is pretty polarized probably due to the microcore thingy. But even on some head-heavy frames, the swingweight isn't this high. So I don't know if this figure is correct. Given it's light static weight, does a high swingweight like this compromise maneuverability and racket-head speed potential (which is related to spin potential)?

On the other hand, the 300 g version is supposed to be 324 in swingweight. This is totally believable as many other 11 oz sticks have had similar swingweights. I usually prefer these specs. In fact, when many of the 11 oz range sticks came out in the last 2 years (the 2012 Pure Drives, the IG Instincts, etc.) with sub-310 swingweights, I thought they were compromising on the stability and solidness of these rackets. Still, 324 is significantly higher than the similarly-weighted and balanced older VCore 100s, but that has been described by some as flimsy. Again, I think the microcore thingy is the reason for the higher swingweight as it polarizes the weight distribution throughout the frame. The description says it should have more stability and better feel, so we can infer it to be more solid. This might be reasonable to expect, given the higher swingweight. But I wonder if the spin production would be affected as some people used to the old specs might find it a bit harder to generate the same racket-head speed.
The current Aero Pro Drive (2013) has the swingweight of 316,not far away from 324
See as well the discussion in

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