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Originally Posted by LanEvo View Post
Yes I do, I was just wondering if I could get a diff size and color, if I sent them in. I don't mind if I get the same thing back, but was just wondering if I were to send them in.
Nike will not send you a replcement shoes. You will receive the voucher and you can use the voucher at nike website only.
Regarding on proof of purchase, it has to be receipts in my opinion.
What else can be the form of proof of purchase which indicate the date of purchase. Nike uses the word "receipt" instead of proof of purchase.
Also the purchase price does not matter whether you paid $30 or $130.
Nike will send you the voucher of full MSRP price so you can get the shoes from nike website. The beauty of voucher is that if your shoes size is not one of most popular size or boring color, you might be able to get two pairs of shoes with extra $20-40. The voucher can be used for other product purchases too.
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