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Originally Posted by LuckyR
4- You are right that a straight W/L system will incorrectly bump people up who just randomly happened to play a bunch of players at the low end of the scale, you noted that a 3.89 (in the absence of sandbagging) would do so about 2% of the time in a 15 match season. OK you got me, you keep that guy at 4.0, I move him up (incorrectly BTW 2% of the time, your number) to 4.5 Well that 2% of the time in my system what happens? He gets killed playing 4.25s as a 3.89. Next season, he's a 4.0 Self correcting system. At least as a consolation, in a W/L system, no one wonders "why am I playing the 15-0 guy from last year?"

Origianlly posted by gameboy
The current system is also self correcting - if you get bumped up and you are not competitive, you will get bumped down. But this system is better since people at the very top/bottom of the level won't get yo-yo'ed up and down every year. Again, learn the system and you won't wonder "why am I playing the 15-0 guy from last year."

Actually, those of us who are truly between ratings, but stuck at the bottom of the upper rating (what I call 3.75s, i.e., good 3.5s who are bad 4.0s) would love to get yo-yo'd every year . . . one year of getting killed, followed by a year of winning . . . followed by a year of getting killed, would be a whole lot better than three years of getting killed . . . . with a fourth on the way . . .
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