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Glad to hear you are overall doing well.

It also sounds like you are making changes in your technique to make recurrent problems less likely - more "pronation", with your chest aimed up at the ball, and with less attempt to reach tall and impinge your shoulder.
Your serve technique doing more harm than good?
Angle of Racquet on Serve

Are you following Jim Mclellan's advice - "You've got to drop the left shoulder."
Preventing Rotator Cuff Injury

[I remember last spring when you were undergoing surgery - just for a clean out, not major shoulder surgery.
I remember wishing good luck for a happy, healthy 2013 without shoulder issues. I wasn't trying to be a wise guy. I really think patients and surgeons are not really prepared for the long healing phase for a motion as violent as serving a tennis ball - it takes a long time.
Maybe a little early for New Year's greetings, but again I'll wish you best wishes for a happy, healthy 2013!]
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