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Originally Posted by pug View Post

What will it take to make you switch from the RDiS 100 Mid? You have had lots of good things to say about some current racquets.
Lots of money from a racquet company for my endorsement of their racquet .

Just kidding. Currently, I find myself trying so many different racquets on a day-to-day basis (one of the things I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do in my job), that it's hard for me to get so comfortable with another racquet to consider it my "racquet of choice". I have tried and definitely really enjoyed many new racquets, but the Yonex is still what feels most comfortable and natural to me in my hand.

However, to be completely honest, the last two tournaments I have competed in I used the AeroPro Drive, simply because I went through a period where I was hitting them a lot and I found they were a very nice compliment to my game. Especially since I'm not playing and training quite as much as I used to, the racquet provided me lots of forgiveness to play against big hitters. With that said, to me nothing beats the feel of my Yonex RDiS 100 Mid, or my MicroGel Radical MP that I had customized to the exact specs of the Yonex. Those two racquets to me are the best/most natural feeling racquets to me.

Sorry for the long-winded answer but you're question really got me thinking .

Andy, TW
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