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Originally Posted by nyc View Post
Sounds like investing in a decent stringing machine is the way to go, so that you can quickly and efficiently restring on a regular basis once you get the hand of it.

And I agree with Maxpotatov that using dead poly is doing you more harm than good on many levels. Poly/gut hybrid or sub-$8 full poly that you frequently switch may be the best way to go.

If poly lasts you 10 hours then you're looking at $80/month in string costs if you supply your own labor, with a little machine depreciation tossed in. So perhaps $1200-1400/year.

If you were into motorcycle racing, you'd spend that on a quality helmet and a pair of gloves.

Are you also incorporating any training off-court?
LOL. Whenever I get depressed about how much money I spend playing tennis, I remind myself how much my fiance spends on her horse. I can buy three new racquets every month, and a Prince NEOS 1500 every year, for the amount that she spends.

Tennis can be expensive, but when put into perspective, not nearly as expensive as many other sports and recreations.
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