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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Could you guys share as to what frames you had? I've demoed about 20 sticks and bought 4 on a whim. I've lost hundreds of dollars on trying new rackets out, but I must say it has been fun. Kinda reminds me somewhat of a pilgrimage..."as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for my main racket is still with me." Lol.

It's just been an eye opener, and I can honestly say that out of all those rackets there were only 4 that I could have probably used well. I believe a BLX Blade is on it's way from the North Pole as we speak, though...
My first year of playing I tried many different frames. Cost a lot of money but was well worth it since I learned so much about what fits me as my game developed. As I learned more about how to play tennis I also learned how frame and string can enhance or impede one's playing experience. I've known the joy of feeling like the racquet was an extension of my arm and the frustration of feeling like I was fighting the frame to keep the ball in.

My second year I stuck with one frame which was helpful technique-wise. I only tested a frame here and there. As my game developed and I recognized certain realities of playing 3.0/3.5 tennis as a middle aged guy I was able to further refine what I needed in my next frame.

This year and next my plan is to stick with one frame (modified PSGT) and one string setup. I know I'll use VS Touch mains and a poly cross and I've given myself until Dec. 31 to make a final decision on the cross. At that point I'll be using the same setup till Dec. 31 of 2014 at least (that's the plan anyway).

At one level the investment in time and money was painful but I can't say I regret it. I've progressed very quickly and can hit with more consistency, accuracy, and pace than my friends who took up or re-entered the game at the same time I did. Others who started with me have dropped out in frustration.

I'm convinced that yes, it takes a lot of effort to fit the racquet (tool) to the player perfectly. And it's well worth it in playing satisfaction.
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