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For your racquet, the manufacturer lists it to be strung as 2 piece only.
That said, if it is an absolute necessity to have it strung as one piece, I would utilize an ATW pattern to be sure the cross strings are strung top down.

Personally I would recommend a two piece job, but if you choose to string a one piece, use an ATW pattern.
Also, like Irvin said, with floating clamps, there could be an issue on an ATW going from mains to first cross string. to be honest, I never used floating clamps as I always just used fixed clamps as even my old Serrano machine I bought back in 1968 had fixed clamps.Maybe someone here would have an easy way to post using a starting clamp and 2 floating clamps and properly clamping the 1st cross string that makes the transition if you are set on an ATW one piece.

Irvin is correct that fixed clamps would be piece of cake for an ATW.
Maybe it is for floaters as well, I have just never used them.

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