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I'm in total agreement with you niremetal. The only difference with me is that as I've picked up new racquets to try, the "used" ones have been sold to help keep my costs down.

As I'm a 3.5 tournament player, I first had to find a racquet I was comfortable with. I found that with my declining physical abilities I was in need of a lighter and more maneuverable racquet. After a few misses I found the 2012 Babolat PD 107 suited my needs. But I can say I spent a whole lotta cash to "find" it. Then came the quest for the right strings. That wasn't cheap either until I settled on two different strings which I alternate from time to time. What cost me the most was experimenting with the right tensions for the strings I use. I rarely break strings so if I got the tension wrong, that meant a new string job!

The reason, I'm telling you this is that when you find the right equipment for you, the results will soon start to come. I now feel that with my current set-up, I have no worries when it comes to match play in tournaments. The only actual worry is execution of my shots.

Just be patient and give each racquet a solid chance. Once you find the right combo, be ready to have fun and play hard!

Babolat AeroPro Drive French Open (x3), Black Widow 17 ga. @ 58#s...
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