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Originally Posted by Ironwood View Post
Not asking for a ruling here, just sharing a ridiculous ending to a club mixed doubles match tiebreaker. Mixed doubles indoor club fun tournament played over one month every Thursday evening, with each match a pro set over a one hour time slot. If tied at the stroke of the hour a coin flip will decide. Leading 4-3 in the deciding tiebreak, time is up, but as the next match is not quite ready to take the court with players still fumbling with gear, we relent and agree to play one more point as there was a little disruption in play just before the the hour struck as the next match walked up between courts to get ready. They win the point to take the (played first to 7) tiebreaker to 4-4. As the next match is still not ready to take the courts, we play on...I presume to finish the tiebreaker, but unbeknownst to me, my female partner has agreed at the net with her female counterpart to play one more point to decide. We loose the point and match. We went from winning on the hour to loosing the match a couple of minutes beyond the alloted time. Can't change anything as my partner did acknowledge agreeing to one more point, which it certainly would have been helpful had I known. Communication, or lack of...this is the stuff that happens at club level!
FUN tournament mixed doubles- who cares? Just laugh it off and make some light hearted jokes at your partner.
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