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Originally Posted by ArliHawk View Post
How'd you get them early?
The shop I got them from had their delivery in yesterday, dispatched them the same day and they arrived with me today!

Went for a hit after work, immediate thoughts...

L2 grip size still feels like a L3 wilson. Definitely feels like the sweet spot is smaller on these compared to the last, but the good news is that they feel more solid as well.

Defintely noticed some kind of difference in the SW, also it feels like the weight is further towards the handle when swinging than the last one.

But yeah, excited about the new stick! Needs a bit of lead tape under the bumper to bring that balance back to how I like it but yeah!

The 3 racquet bag is cool as well, perfect size for casual hitting/training etc. I hate lugging about 6 or 12 racquet bags when you dont really need all that extra gear.

One thing I have found with the black strings is how do you get the logo looking good with the babolat white paint? Always looks messy to me... Infact it looked so terrible the first time I tried it I ended up scratching it off and leaving it.
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