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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
lol you are nuts man. how are you going to tell me what bothers me or not. only i can feel what i feel. hitting dunlop balls doesnt bother me a bit. i just dont like the way they feel so i choose not too play with them. its not because of this shock thing you keep trying to drill into me. but at this point i dont think you will get it, so nevermind. believe whatever you want
Seriously, are you just messing with me? I have tried my best to be as helpful, informative, patient and diplomatic as possible on this matter but it appears that you are either playing games with me or something else is going on? Are you adverse to learning something new?

Are you still in high school? Is English your primary language? It seems that you are misunderstanding quite a few things that I am saying or you are just taking it the wrong way. What I meant by "bothering you a bit" is just another way of saying that you don't like the those balls because you don't like the way they feel.

Sorry to be so blunt but I just cannot figure out why you are not grasping these concepts. Try asking someone else who is older, has more knowledge of science or has a better grasp of the language and see if they don't agree that what I've been saying doesn't make perfect sense to them.

If you are just yanking my chain, I don't appreciate it since I've spent a considerable amount of time/effort trying get these ideas across to you.

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