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Originally Posted by BrooklynNY View Post
4.5's are not good tennis players. I am a 4.5.

In local open tournaments, 5.0 players are getting blown out by 5.5 players.

I watched the top Georgia Tech singles player play against 300-400 ranked player Nikita Kryonos in the finals of the USTA national mens open at the NTC in december. I've never saw someone put out as much effort into 2 sets and barely win 2 games. The pro was jut on cruise control, but the level was insanely high.

Mac was referring to 5.0 players as weekend hackers.

Some people really have no concept of level differentials at the higher levels
People still think I'm odd when I tell them a 4.0-4.5 male stands no chance against a legit D1 female.
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