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Originally Posted by julian View Post
Let us assume that numbers for NEW rackets are correct.
Would you say that NEW rackets are better for baseliners?
i think yes. but that's not really the point of my thread.

i was mainly wondering about the high swingweight on the 280 g version. as i said, there are head-heavy frames and even some extended-length frames that don't have such a high swingweight. so to me, that figure of 337 looks suspiciously off. if it were correct, i wonder why they would make it so high, given that the original vcore 100s was designed for spin and a high swingweight might compromise most people's ability to generate the required racket-head speed for creating heavy spin.

on the other hand, the 324 swingweight on the 300 g version of the new vcore 100 xi looks correct. and i don't think the higher swingweight compared to the older vcore 100s will result in significantly less spin potential. maybe to some players, it will be felt, but the positive effect of having more solidness in feel might make up for it anyway.
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