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It is really unfortunate that thanks to our fantastic (and unfortunately now very distant) tennis heritage any Aussie player with promise is almost set up for failure before they start.

I'm only in my early forties but the tennis school I went to as a kid had produced Wendy Turnbull and a young kid called Pat Rafter was just another hopeful competing with us in regional tournaments. And you'd still see plenty of ex Davis Cup and Grand Slam champs around the courts of Brisbane.

Blind Freddy can see that Tomic has gone off the tracks and needs a reality check to bring him back if he has any hope of fulfilling his potential. Unfortunately with the Ferraris and glamour lifestyle we have another Philippoussis in the making. It may be the best thing for him is to completely crash and burn at the 2013 AO so he is forced to chose what he wants and who he needs to help him get there.

P.S. Our highest ranked player is now Marinko Matosevic who has an even more dour game than Tomic.
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