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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
Terms are useless in tennis without proper knowledge, feeling and a correct visual understanding of the stroke. The brain learns better and faster visually anyways.

The term snapping the wrist can have 100's of different meanings to each individual because they fill in the blanks on their own according to their knowledge. The term wrist snap is harmless because its just a term, just words. The harm comes from people not understanding whats actually going on. I can teach someone the serve and use the term wrist snap and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact growing up I remember countless coaches using this term, including ones I was taught by. What they did do which is key is show and explain to me the proper way to hit the serve. The fact that they used a term like wrist snap is insignificant.
The term can still be harmful even if a coach shows you what they mean. The problem arises when a student who has been told to "snap the wrist" will turn around an tell others that they must snap their wrist for more power. However, their suggestion will often not be accompanied by the proper instruction. This happen quite a bit -- I've heard it thousands of times from various players for both tennis and badminton. This is where the harm comes in.

After a while, "snap the wrist" just becomes a mantra -- a mantra that many do not really understand. Some players that repeat the mantra have the proper mechanics while others who repeat it, do not.
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