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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I listen to logic and yours made sense, so therefore I have removed my post. But I will address tlm's statements:

1) Out of nowhere, he addressed me specifically in my attempt to be humble and hopefully helpful to OP's question. I don't have the scientific knowledge specifically on "muscle development" true. Do I know how to train? Yes, and I elaborated on from personal experience and results on the whole "free weights vs resistance bands" topic. Hence the disclaimer of "I'm not expert in blah blah", but here's what I observed.

2) By addressing me specifically without contribution to the thread, I'd like to hear the other reasons behind his initial post. My opinion on his initial post remains confrontational and ultimately unhelpful to OP's question (not dragging you into this mess).

3) Lastly, "doesn't know a thing about strength training", well ok. If you're going to say something like that specifically to another person, then let's hear your qualifications on the matter.
Evidently I didnt' scroll far enough to the earlier posts, I mistook his second post for his first which markedly confrontational
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