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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
I am replenishing my supply of ALU, and I found this review which in relative terms absolutely SLAMS the Lux. It is, however, dated 04/2003 and many of the strings the playtesters normally use are discontinued. More importantly, most of them are synthetics. I know it's likely your best selling poly along with RPM, but I would be interested to see how times have changed with the changes in the game.
I'm sure you realize this, but for anyone that may not, the old review is the USRSA 2003 review, not done by TW.

I do look forward to TW's written review.

I'm currently testing ALU in my usual gut/poly setup and tension (all things the same except for ALU, same tension, stick, etc). It is definitely a confidence boosting string; all control. Tension loss isn't too terrible as a cross.
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