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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Do you sell microloading sand on your website? Maybe a DVD program to go with it? I'd love to buy your secret formula.
Of course I do! My microloading sand formula is the only one out there, the unfortunate truth about regular sand is that the grains are not uniform in size, thus you need my product to get the standardized grain size

My website has yet to be launched, but I am taking pre-orders now. Just PM me your Full name, credit card number and confirmation number on the back a long with your SSN, full address, and the answers to all potential security questions and we'll get it underway.

DVD is extra.

On a serious note, I recall reading an article that advertised a microloading product. It was literally a hollow apparatus that could be loaded on to barbells, and you added sand to it to increase the weight in ever so slight amounts. The logic behind it was to mimick the old old school barbells, which basically had globes on either end that was filled with something like sand for weight
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