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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
1- I actually hold Schumacher as the best ever, but his come back was pitiful specially comparing him to a guy like Rosberg.

2- Alonso probably would have won, the others- except Schumacher would have not.
1. That's a surprise. Well, if you look behind the points you will see that Schumacher was just as good and often even better than Rosberg in 2012. They were pretty equal in 2011 but Schumacher was indeed worse in 2010, after a long break of course.

The reason why he had less points are 6 DNFs in 8 races in the beginning of the season when Mercedes was competitive. Rosberg got the majority of his points in this part of the season. Actually, had Schumacher finished each race at the position he had when his car "broke", he would have been the championship leader in Canada.

Also, Rosberg is one of the best driver's in the F1 these days. Whatever Vettel does, he could do it too. Ask Frank Williams if you don't believe me.

Besides, Alonso said if they all had the same car, Schumacher would still be the best of them all. Vettel said that Schumacher's car was the only reason why he could not show that he still has what it takes, so....

I'm not even such a big Schumacher fan but looking at some of the posts here, I really can't help myself but to post this.

Judging by success, his comeback was a failure. But his own performance was good enough for success. As Lauda said, "the car failed Schumacher".

2. I disagree. But nothing can be proven...

Anyway, it's just a discussion and I hope you don't take anything personal

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