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Originally Posted by buruan View Post
Thats a Generation ME problem if I ever heard one.
Less and less people can handle critizism.

A few years back I played for a 3.0 team and was the worst player on the team, I didn't get invited back the next season.
I wasn't happy about it, but in all seriousness, it makes sense to replace the weakest player.

I improved, and got recruited to a 3.5 team, in the City playoffs we played that exact team (by now mostly bumped to 3.5), I played in the winning 1st doubles getting us to sectionals, and sending them packing.

Either way, yes, just with everything in life if you are the worst of a certain group, you will likely get dropped.
I think the belief that women take it worse than men is a fallacy, men are just as bad, and they might be more motivated to exact "revenge" than women. I've heard tons of "how do you like me now ??" stories from guys, rarely from women.
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