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Originally Posted by iceinbangkok View Post
I just got 2 of the 2010 yellow frames. Even though many prefer the black color, I am really enjoying the yellow with tourna grip blue off-setting it. I am also enjoying the weight and the balance of the frames. I am coming off a lighter frame, the PK BA 93. I found that I had too many off-center shots and wanted to go with at least a 98" head. I had some Redondo MPs but I found them sluggish to get around. I am pleasantly surprised with the C10 Pro. If I was to compare to the Redondo MP which has similar specs (i know string pattern is different, but frame specs) then I would say that the C10 pro has a balance which enables you to swing with a modern style. It is easier to swing up through the ball, or brush up the back of the ball, depending on your swing style - the racket seems to want to do that. The redondo seems to want to go forward more than up - probably suiting a flatter swing style. Not sure if that makes sense.

I am playing around with strings which I will write more about in the string section. I am experimenting with polys right now as i want the benefit of the spin they can offer. I am cautious of my arm though. I tried Lux M2 (130 and 125) which I think doesn't work in this frame. Too springy and it lost tension quickly. I have one bed with Solinco Revolution/True Feel hybrid at 52/54 and Tecnifibre Pro Red Code 16/Gosen OG 16 at 50/54. Haven't tried the RC/Gosen yet - but found the solinco hybrid a bit soft. I will try Revolution next with OG Micro to see if that makes it feel more crisp.

I hope I have found my lasting sticks. I believe after experimenting a lot (Head prestige, dunlop 4D 200 Tour, redondo, BA 93) that the racket is a vehicle for the strings. The frame is about balance and weight and ploughthrough and the string gives the playability and trajectory. I know there is more to it than that for many, but that is where I have got to in my racket search so far. I think the specs of the C10 pro could give me my ultimate racket, when combined with the right strings, grips and maybe lead weighting (top of grip and/or hoop).

I am debating the leather grip or synthetic right now. I have 2 frames so I will take time to test them out and see. Probably won't make a decision till I have settled on a string choice.

Hope I can join the club!
Two stand out observations there for me.

You're aware that many consider the C10 to be distinctly not a 'modern style' racket? (I know. I know... )

Really like the second statement. Most enlightened thing I've read on TT all day actually.

Do post up your experiences/thoughts set ups-wise etc as you go on.
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