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The racquet has arrived. It is more or less what I had expected it to be. The paint is finished in high gloss (comparable to that of the Sting), and it is definitely made in Taiwan (the butt cap sticker is gone, but the imprint is still there).

The weather here has been really crappy as of late, so I probably won't get to hit with it for a while. Instead, I did some measuring using the TW online calculator. The results in the small table at the bottom of the figure should give you a rough idea of how the stick would play relative to its cousins.

The frame feels more flexible than that of the PS; I would say that it is essentially a Sting that has had its cross bar lopped off, giving it a more PS-like balance. It could not have come out of the same mold as my Taiwan PS (too leaded up to be included in my measurements), but does appear to share the latter's grommet strip, though in gray rather than black.

On the whole, I rather like it.

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