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Originally Posted by julian View Post
difference in time to the net is 7/100 of second

Some comments of mine:
1.7/100 of sec translates into 1.4 foot of distance

2.The time to come to the net (IN ONE HOP) is 1.5 of sec (BALLPARK).

3.One may argue that IF one does serve and volley in TWO HOPS the gain is REDUCED to .7 of FOOT
(i.e A 1.4 of FOOT divided by 2)

4.A lean angle is NOT discussed in the paper

5.The duration of the FIRST foot-floor contact during the server's landing period is discussed in the paper.

6.The highest ranked ATP player analyzed in the paper was of rank 88
Was the paper able to say if the better distance covered with FB, was in additon to the effect of a slower serve speed with that technique, or merely because of it?
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