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Originally Posted by rk_sports View Post
hmm... the moment you approach your partner to discuss the call would mean that there is a disagreement between you and your partner and that would mean the loss of point by default right?
well, the situation is your partner just called it out, but you saw it clearly good.

As you go back to get position, you get together to talk...just like setting a plan
to poach or something.
I say, "Hey, I saw that one out and wanted to give you the chance to correct it".
My experience has been the partner will just look at them and go, "sorry, my
partner saw it good, so your point" or something like that. They have also always
thanked me too and confirmed they felt good about how we did it at our change over.
Other team usually compliments us too. Pretty good all around imo and experience.

So actually the moment we had the disagreement was at his out call BEFORE we
talked and the talking could have been about anything, BUT
the call will be corrected no matter what he says. I'm just giving him the chance to
do it and I think that saves face some too.
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