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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
[I remember last spring when you were undergoing surgery - just for a clean out, not major shoulder surgery.
I remember wishing good luck for a happy, healthy 2013 without shoulder issues. I wasn't trying to be a wise guy. I really think patients and surgeons are not really prepared for the long healing phase for a motion as violent as serving a tennis ball - it takes a long time.
Maybe a little early for New Year's greetings, but again I'll wish you best wishes for a happy, healthy 2013!]
Hey CharlieF, so great to hear from you. You are so right that it does take longer to heal than anticipated and get back to my previous form. When I was starting to feel a bit paranoid I did remember what you and others said about needing to give it time, and to patiently work through the rehab and to check your technique.

The serving changes I have been working on are really helping and first and foremost, when I serve, my main mental checklist has as number one "drop right shoulder" which helps immensely, as well as Todd Ellenbecker's "magic 90 degrees"!

This time last year I was really missing tennis, and these nights in Ireland when it is dry, bright and slightly frosty, I am so enjoying being out!!! Thanks for the good wishes (and great info as usual) and an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.
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