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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
That is the difference between engineers and (dumb) marketing we call them

Don't worry, I still think you are on the smarter side of them...

If you wish, I can write you in my mother tongue, or Czech, or German and see how well would you understand...or, would I need to "dumb it down" as you would say, Mr. God?
You're hilarious in your self-assuredness. Do they teach this at engineering school or is it part of the induction process for sales reps?

Clearly your gig here is about desperately trying to prove you're the more intelligent person. Czech, German, whatever - changing the topic pointlessly serves only to prove my point that you're needlessly smug. Few, if any, people with experience in branding/sponsorship would agree some of the hair-brained ideas you have about Djokovic's sponsorships. That's the short of it.

That is the key here, not some irrelevant wang-measuring contest over how many languages you can speak.

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