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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Then you clearly have no idea about weight training

I was just curious. That's a pretty good lift for a non-drug / no-assistance squat IMO. I haven't seen too many guys that could do it. In fact, I've never seen any in person.
Clearly! After all, I was the guy saying a 2.5xbw squat was very possible, and shouldn't be a marker for "elite" level for athletes...granted my argument included doing low bar squats, which would make things easier

You should get out more. My coach has done a 3xBW squat raw, drug free (302kg weighing 100kg, followed by 272kgx5). Of course he's crazy, and has not beaten that in over a year and a half due to injuries and such (although he did do 320kg with knee wraps)
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