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Default Head Youtek IG Prestige Midplus


I demoed IG Prestige MP today, and wow, it is a great racquet! I previously played with Wilson Blx 6.1 95 (18X20), PDR 2012, and Pure Storm Tour GT, and I think IG Prestige MP, compared to them, is very smooth, plush, yet solid and stable. Also, it is very easy to swing and the sweet spot seems to be large to me.

This Prestige MP is strung with Xcel 16, and I think tension is 48lb. I did not have any problem with control today and the feel was very nice. Yet, I did not rip the ball today, since I thought this flexible frame with multi might be too powerful.

If you have used IG Prestige MP, what is the best set up for this? I prefer multi to poly, but hybrid is fine to me. Sweetspot seems to be pretty large with Xcel 16 at 48lb, so I think I need less power and more control. Maybe just a little bit higher tension? Any advice will be welcomed!

Thank you in advance!
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