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Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
As much as I love Will, he's talking about a different technique than what 5263 and I are. (Or is at least describing it very differently!)

His WW technique seems to be better suited to players that use a much more western grip. The technique I'm talking about is more applicable to players that are using semi-western to an eastern grip.

This is the technique I'm referring to:
to me that is the same, fed is just using a little more forward and less up motion because it is a flatter shot. I know some people are trying to construct some magical moves (like the racket face closing because the ball is hit below center or some sudden direction changes) but IMO that is not really happening.

I think there are really only 3 factors that are combined in different doses:

3.around (rotation)

there are no secret forces it just a combination of some well known biomechanical principles. There is a lot of "bro science" out there (even among good coaches and players).
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