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Default Angell Sport Frames

Angell frames have definitely peaked my interest lately.

Currently hitting with a C10 Pro that I'm trying to mesh with, but I'm thinking about Angell for comparisons sake.

The frame I put together

Extended Length either 27.25 or 27.5
320-330 g. 11.4-11.7 Oz.
310 mm 10 Pts. HL
C Handle Shape
4 3/8 Grip
Red BG
Red Grip

Just curious to opinions? Decent Stick? Or uncontrollable mess? haha

I'm a primary baseliner keeping the ball out of the middle of the court to get short balls and to put points away at the net. My serve is my biggest weapon with a big flat serve and heavy slice/kick serve. Thus the extended length and 70 RA stiffness, really want to produce a stick that plays to my game with my serve and ground strokes.

Definitely prefer 16x19 open string pattern to the livelier feel/action on the ball. Love a 10 Pt. HL balance

Just trying to find the perfect mix. Love the plush feel of my C10 but looking for a little crisper response.

Played with an extended length racquet before and loved the results. Don't come to net much but when I do I put it away, rather than going for touch unless I have to or playing I'm doubles. I do want it to be maneuverable tho so I'm between the .25 or .5 extension.

Oh and looking for a swing weight in the 320-330 range.

Anyways I'll hang up and listen haha
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