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Originally Posted by Itagaki View Post
Haha, never quite got there. I hit 182kg/401lbs which was something like 2.43xBW at the time. Since then I've majorly shifted focus to the snatch and clean and jerk, since relative to my squat they were atrocious and clearly their limiting factor was not my squat strength. I did front squat 2xBW though
Damn good job. I tried and only got to 405x3 high bar at 190 before mono came back. Hate low bar squatting, always felt uncomfortable. That front squat is ridiculous Wish I took the time to do them, would rather deadlift.

OT, the way I see it
Free weights - stabilizers and lead to better strength easier for progressive overload
Resistance Bands/Machines - More time under tension so more potential for hypertrophy if progressive overload is used
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