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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Agreed to many of the points you make. A couple of things, though. The ATP computer placed Connors at #2 for 1984, but this was the same computer that only two years earlier (1982) had placed McEnroe at #1 and Connors at #2, despite Connors pulling down two Slam titles and McEnroe none. In '83 the computer put Lendl at #2, Connors at #3 and Wilander at #4, despite the fact that Lendl had no Slams for the year; moreover, Wilander is usually everybody's choice for #2 or even for #1 that year.

I might agree that Connors' #2 ranking in '84 reflects his consistency, but does it? Nobody was more consistent in '83 than Wilander, yet he ended up fourth on the computer that year.

Ah, the mysterious, perplexing ATP computer! What were they doing back then? Best of 14 events? or was it a weekly rolling average? I honestly do not remember. Still, I am not convinced that 1 RG title makes Lendl the de-facto #2 player for the season that year. You do have to give some consideration to the entire the last 10 years (?), we've had a lot of one-shot wonders at RG who accomplished little else during the year. Not the case w/Lendl, surely, but '84, if not for the RG win, would've been one of his weakest years ever. Mac was just that good. Not to mention the complete turn in their rivalry, since Lendl had been cleaning his clock prior to that point, as you have stated.

You can go either way for '84's runner up slot....not a lot separated Jimmy and Ivan that year....aside from Mac gobbling up nearly everything in sight.
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