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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Olmedo won W and FH, so did Coop and Anderson won FH...Butchols??? a mere qf.No better than Riessen or Tim Gullikson.
kiki, I just must wonder about your statements.

Olmedo did not win FH. He won Australia.

Buchholz also lost the 1960 FH SF against Laver in five sets.

Buchholz turned pro very early (at 20). Thus his amateur record is not too great. But he reached No. 5 of the amateurs.

But we talk about the prime of the players. Here Butch was clearly better than Cooper, Olmedo and Anderson. None of them reached No.4 in the world.

Comparing Buchholz with Tim Gullikson is a shabby joke, and you do know it!

I guess you want to provoke me and to look if my tennis knowledge is good enough to disprove your statements....

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