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Thought I'd give people an update. I splinted the finger for 6 weeks. There was no way I could properly grip the racket with any splint on. I did go to the gym alot. Did cardio and lifted some weights. Some weight exercises I couldn't do, but there were plenty I could do. At times I felt stress in my finger doing exercises, but I hoped that it was ok as long as the finger was kept straight.

At 6 weeks I took the splint off and I was able to hold my finger straight out. I read alot about how to loosen up the finger. Did a little bit every day for a week. I was hoping to get on the court at week 7, but there was no way it was going to happen. The next week I was close to making a fist. I was still nervous because the finger wouldn't straighten by itself. When I helped, it would stay though. At week 8, this past Monday, I played for the first time. No pain. But still hard to really grip the racket. It's only the tip of my finger, but it sure mad a difference. Baseline shots seemed ok. Net shots were harder. Serving was the hardest.

So, I'm getting there but it seems like it still may take a bit longer.
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