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Originally Posted by chico9166 View Post
Actually the forehand as prescribed by 5263 and Oscar are what I consider quite old school.....Not many current pro's hit as they describe which is a quick break of the elbow (quick left) and over the shoulder finish..(which tends to limit rotation of teh arm/wiping action) No, most pros (at least on standard drives) allow the arm to move on it's natural arc, and wipe the hell out of it, which generally leads to a lower finish.
You never heard me say to finish over the should unless talking of the basic
modern Fh or not to finish lower, which is just another flourish to that basic
You never heard me or Oscar say quick break of the elbow, hard turn, or abrupt
bla, bla ....on and on of words you try to add to the basic correct description to
make it something it is not.
Most pros finish in about any position from low to bolo and everything in-between. There is no set low or any other finish. There is just a swing path
that will finish somewhere based on the shape of the swing.
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